PNW Sovren Historics The best historic racing in the NW.

Author: Matthew Aebersold
Posted On: 09-25-15

The best historic racing in the NW.

The northwest gets a wonderful niche event once a year at Pacific Raceways in Auburn. In our own version of historic racing, many classes of amazing cars duke it out on the best track in the region. Everything from small-bore Mini's and MG's to ex-Formula cars and original GT-40 MkII's are nose to tail all day long. This particular day was probably the hottest day on record in the history of the state, and my wife was 40 weeks pregnant at the time, so it was an interesting day all around.

The paddock was a really cool place to walk through. We got to see an original 550 Spyder, GT-40, and countless amazing 911's. It is awesome to see crews in the area buzzing around amazing historical machines, prepping them for racing.

The photos here capture some practice sessions near the main grandstands, and then some sprint races from the lower 3 classes. The particular interests to me were the Alfas, early 356 Porsches, and the tiny little Porsche Pooper.