I'm Matthew Aebersold. I grew up in Seattle. I live there now with my wife and 2 kids. We've been to Sacramento and back, and have finally settled in beautiful Gig Harbor.

Resume & Work History

Fuel Made http://wwww/fuelmade.com

2019 - present

I started working at Fuel Made as a Shopify Developer. Fuel Made is an incredible Shopify-focused agency pushing the envelope in every way possible.

Helium http://www.heliumdev.com

2016 - 2019

Sr. Developer

We're a scrappy team of just four people. We know a hell of a lot about design, user experience, interactive development, and building sites on Shopify. We're trying to make our dent in a very crowded marketplace. So far, we've had more work come in than we know what to do with, so I guess that's a pretty good problem to have. I currently lead the client projects side of Helium, which entails building custom sites on Shopify, fixing numerous problems with tons of shopify sites, and winning the hearts and minds of shop owners everywhere.

Bukwild http://www.bukwild.com

2010 - 2016

Started: Jr. Flash Developer
Ended: Sr. Interactive Developer

There is too much to say about Bukwild than I have space for here. They scooped me up directly out of college and put me to work making Flash applications, since at that time they were primarily a Flash/Interactive experience shop. Since then they've grown to a fully fledged user experience and design house that rivals the best in the world. But there's more to say than that. Throughout my 6 year time there, they became family, friends, and trusted confidants. The relationships I've built at Bukwild have shaped me into the man I am today and will stay with me until my days are done. Who gives a shit about the work... ultimately they're real people whom I love dearly.

Art Institue of Seattle https://www.artinstitutes.edu/seattle

‚Äč2006 - 2010

Bachelor of Science, Web Design & Interactive Media

When I started going to the Art Institute, my whole goal was to work as a web developer. They had two available degrees. One was Graphic Design, and the other was a hybrid course that blended the best of Graphic Design with development and interactivity. That's the course I took. It was great. I focused more heavily on the development side of things, learning things like Flash very heavily. The result of all this was graduating with a 3.8 and honors, and kickstarting my career as a developer.

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Things I'm currently into

Car Project

NA Miata Cylinder Head Replacement

Game Design

Narrative Sci-Fi Survival Game

Board Game

Terraforming Mars

Video Game

Assetto Corsa


The Expanse


Leviathan Wakes

Listening To

The Night Game

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A place for car enthusiasts to do business

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